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Bonito's Anniversary

02 Oct 2015

The city of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, celebrates its anniversary on 2 October 2013. Bok your trip and join us in the big adventure party!

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Bonito hotels and tours

Welcome to Beautiful Bonito!

A charming little town set amidst amazing natural splendour, Bonito is labelled as one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Brazil. In fact, Bonito literally translates as beautiful in Portuguese, and the town indeed lives up to its name. An enchanting landscape of hills, cerrado and scrubland interlaced with rivers, Bonito abounds with stunning caves, cavern lakes and waterfalls. The water in Bonito rivers is unbelievably translucent, due to the abundance of limestone in the ground that acts as a natural filter. A colourful and varied array aquatic flora and fauna makes snorkelling in Bonito a favourite Bonito activity.

Bonito is a great place to try your hand at water-sports, including scuba diving, rapelling, rafting and snorkelling. Horseback riding, hiking, trekking and bird-watching are other options for spending time on your Bonito vacation.

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Located in relative isolation in the southwest region of the Mato Grosso do Sul State in Brazil, Bonito came into the limelight as a major tourist destination in Brazil only recently. Now it is a buzzing town that sees such an influx of visitors during tourist season that it’s necessary to book your Bonito hotel well in advance.

Acclaimed as one of the best eco-tourism destinations in Brazil, Bonito continuously gets top ratings in tourism surveys. There is a very good reason for this, as few ecosystems in Brazil are so well protected. Many of the main attractions in Bonito are on private land, and it is only possible to enter with an organized Bonito tour agency. The strict control of Bonito tours is meant to preserve the natural environment.

There are over 30 organizations that lead tours in Bonito, all within a few hours from the city. It is imperative to reserve a Bonito tour through a local tour operator, and an accredited guide must accompany visitors. While these regulations go a long way in protecting the natural landscape, they also mean that visitors need to book a Bonito tour at least two months in advance during peak season and holidays (December to March, and July). Fortunately, the weather in Bonito is stable year-round, and a Bonito vacation can be planned at any time of the year.

The water in Bonito is so clear that it acts as a window into the rich Brazil marine life of the Pantanal. The surrounding area includes waterfalls, hiking trails, rainforests and caves.

A range of Bonito accommodation, from luxurious five-star Bonito hotels and pousadas (small, exclusive hotels) to budget backpacker hostels await visitors in Bonito. There are also many pleasant Bonito restaurants and bars that make your stay even more enjoyable. Brazil’s famous wetlands, the Pantanal, are located just north of Bonito. As such, the town often serves as a gateway to the remarkable wetlands, which has natural ecosystems to rival those of Bonito.

Some of most popular Bonito tour destinations you don’t want to miss include the Gruta do Lago Azul, Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata, Boca da Onca Ecotur, Rio Sucuri, Abismo de Anhumas and Balneario Municipal. Tour prices in Bonito are fixed by the tourism authorities and all operators charge the same price, so you don’t need to go looking for the best deals. Though Bonito tour prices may be considered on the high end, they are necessary to form a strong local economy that functions as a foundation for conservation and preservation.

Once you have floated on the crystal clear waters of Bonito’s rivers and sampled a few other charms of this Brazilian hotspot, you’ll realise the income generated from Bonito eco-tours is put to excellent use, and you’ll be hunting for excuses to return on your next holiday in Brazil.

Have a look at our Bonito map, where all of our Bonito hotels and accommodation options are located in relation to each other. Pick the Bonito tour that best suits your needs, and start planning your holiday in Bonito today!

The perfect location of the guesthouse Pousada Remanso is one of the best advantages offered! Accessible prices, tranquility and comfort located right on the main street of Bonito!

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The Hotel Pousada Calliandra is located a few meters from the downtown, where the best bars and restaurants in Bonito are. A familiar, cozy and convenient accommodation option in Bonito.

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The Pousada do Peralta is a very cozy guesthouse in Bonito! With simplicity, it offers 16 apartment equipped with air conditioning, TV, minibar and Wi-Fi internet.

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Join us for an afternoon of fun rafting down the Formoso River. Floating in inflatable boats with a capacity for 11 people, this rafting trip takes you down the longest route of the region - 7 km in total. Along the way the boat passes by 3 waterfalls, 3 rapids and makes a stop for swimming.

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The striking blue waters of the Gruta do Lago Azul was discovered by a Terena Indian in 1924. The cave is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the region, and will provide you with hundreds of postcard-perfect photos to add to your Bonito holiday album.

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Running through the city of Jardim near Bonito is the ecological gem Rio da Prata. The crystalline river is impressive in its color and wildlife, and makes the journey to Bonito's neighbour well worth it.

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